Good afternoon, gents (and ladies).  Hope all is going well for everyone and that Spring is finally arriving. Maybe Summer for Texas?  Work has been really busy for me in the month of March, and I anticipate it continuing through May.  I think about you all often….

Here’s a few tunes that have accompanied me during the long hours the past week.  As I was listening I thought about jumping back into Music Thursday and sharing these with everyone.

Next stop, Devotkcha.  Which I haven’t grabbed yet — thanks for the heads-up, Ned!

01 Alberta Cross | Old Man Chicago
02 Basia Bulat | Before I Knew (Live on Radio K)
03 Fleet Foxes | Blue Ridge Mountains
04 Fujiya & Miyagi | Ankle Injuries
05 The Long Blondes | Nostalgia
06 Mitchell London | Mammal Reenactment
07 Nick Drake | Pink Moon
08 Sam Cooke | Bring It On Home To Me
09 Silent Years | Sharks
10 Sun Kil Moon | Ocean Breathes Salty
11 Vampire Weekend | Oxford Comma