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Our childhood as fodder for new culture

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  1. Shotts

    Wow. I never had the AT-AT. Now I wish more than ever that I did.

    My nine-year-old nephew this weekend received three Star Wars Lego sets, including the Endor bunker and AT-ST. I was pleased to see some kind of connection joining the generations.

    A bit of melancholy last night, as it was a perfect Minnesota evening, and would have been the night of the Minneapolis U2 concert–but has been postponed with the rest of the North American leg, due to Bono’s back injury. Our tickets are still good, but looks like the show will be sometime next year. The wait goes on. But last night, I thought I’d go crazy since we couldn’t go crazy that night.

  2. Pete

    This makes me smile. Never had the AT-AT. Did have the smaller, two-legged version that no doubt Shotts will remember the name of…and probably the the pilot’s first name in the one that was commandeered by Chewie. Skills in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit were impressive…most impressive.

  3. Shotts

    The two-legged Imperial walker was called, I believe, the AT-ST–All Terrain Scout Transport (as opposed to the much larger, four-legged walker, called the AT-AT–All Terrain Attack Transport). Alas, I do not know the name of any AT-ST pilots. Call it a deficiency.

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