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On Look Films interview with my brother

Aligned Intentions | On Look Films from Scott F. Busch on Vimeo.

You may recognize the interview location as a place dear to us all.


  1. Pete

    That is really cool. I must say, it is great to hear your brother speak and see the similarities you share, JE. The little bit here reveals a glimpse at a pretty fascinating guy. Certainly seems to have found a clear, well-spoken voice of his own. Thanks for sharing and, Bravo, Jeremy Johnson!

  2. Shotts

    Very cool, I agree, and great to see your brother in full form. I concur with Peters that he has become a fascinating person and artist. I have to admit, I’m not entirely sure what the documentary they want to produce actually is–on taxidermy? on Cairo? on Islam? on the call to prayer? It seems from the film kind of strangely backgrounded. In any case, I wish them well, and lots of financial support for whatever project they are doing. GREAT to see the Flint Hills of Kansas behind Jeremy and his hat.

  3. Ned

    Agreed. Very cool. Thanks for sharing this.

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