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New Painting

I have a new painting up on my website under “For Walls” called Reclamation about the connection of science to art through curiosity and play. I suppose it is also about scale and the imagination. Check it out www.nedgannon.com


  1. Shotts

    Reclamation is terrific–great scale, whimsy, and nice double-image, with the child playing underneath the mammoth excavation of the dinosaur, and over that the clouds. The excavation trucks and scoops are themselves a marvel. Some of it seems to question what is more real: the excavated dinosaur in the cliff face, or the plastic dinosaurs that the child plays with and imagines.

    Great to see this, Ned, and really interesting how the imaginative/fantastic has come back into a lot of your work. It’s exciting to see.

  2. J.E.

    Excellent Ned! As always, thanks for sharing your work.

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