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Music in the Second Monday


Thought I’d share a few tracks from the Fleet Foxes album that came out recently.  J.E. came to my mind when I saw the Bruegel image used on the cover.  Speaking of J.E., hope your busy season goes well, sir!

01 | White Winter Hymnal
02 | Quiet Houses
03 | Your Protector
04 | Blue Ridge Mountains

Have a fantastic autumnal week!


  1. Ned

    I love the first track here Toby. Very rich, full sound. I remember you posted the Blue ridge Mountains before , and I liked it. But I like the White Winter Hymnal even better. Is anyone else out there? All this silence is quite FRIGHTENING…

  2. Shotts

    Great to see all these posts, and sorry to be more or less silent. It is definitely the busy season for us with Beckett, with Jen finishing up maternity leave, with my parents visiting this week, with manuscript deadlines, fundraising events, a Graywolf author visit, the American Literary Translators Association conference this week, another Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference in Massachusetts next week, and midterms at Macalester. All good things, all humane things, but with it all such a flurry, it’s easy for the humane aspects to fly out the window.

    I’ll take a quiet life
    a handshake
    with carbon monoxide
    and no alarms
    and no surprises please

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