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Jim Janknegt

I thought you artist types might enjoy this.

Here is a video of my friend Jim Janknegt that documents his progress while painting “The Rich Fool.” I have admired his work for a long time and I’m glad to see him get this kind of attention. Ned: perhaps Rejesus would be interested in your work?
You can see all the videos and photos of the finished painting at www.rejesus.uk.com.


  1. Ned

    I did enjoy that. Thank you. I remember when you first posted his work in regaards to mine – I wasn’t quite sure what the relevance was to my work. So I’m glad you followed up with this. I visited the website, and the work is definitely growing on me. It also helps (at least for me) to see someone express what a picture means to them and the background for it. It allows an opportunity for contemplation, even if you don’t get the same meaning from it. And to see his studio.

  2. Ned

    Another comment here. I don’t know if any of you have listened to the new Devotchka album, but the first track, Basso Profundo, is a great song about consumerism and the way he switches the chorus up at the end is insightful.

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