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Hot Damn We’re Moving to Austin!

Liz and I closed on our new house over the noon hour today. We’re pretty pleased to be 15 minutes from work in living in Austin again. We’ll be moving in in a couple of weeks.

Now if we can just sell our house in Elgin….

Here is a photo of the front.


That’s right — I can skip stones in my back yard.



  1. J.E.


    There’s plenty of room in the back yard for Bocce.

  2. Shotts

    Congratulations! Looks like a terrific place, and much closer to everywhere you need to be. That’s great, JE and Liz. Sending you good vibes for the sale of the Elgin house…

    And I’m up for bocce and stone skipping!

  3. Ned

    Great news J.E. and Liz. And I was just baptized into Bocce; so I;m up to test my beginner’s luck. Hope you have luck with the Elgin house.

  4. Shotts

    Hey, J.E.–What’s your new address, and has your phone number changed, etc. etc.?

    I ask because a) we want all lines of communication open, and b) Staci (Shoemaker) Schmid has asked me for your address so she can send you a notice for the MHS Class of 1992 fifteen-year reunion.

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