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Harry is a Horcrux.

There, I’ve said it. I think Harry is a Horcrux. discuss…


  1. J.E.

    Whoa. Weren’t you just reading Book 5 last weekend? Have you finished Book 6? I’d like to discuss but I don’t want to spoil anything for you.

    Maybe you should go outside again.

  2. Pete

    I have finished and am anxiously awaiting 7.

  3. Amanda

    I think Harry could be a horcrux. Here’s my big theory: Harry’s WAND is a horcrux. Here’s why: Harry’s wand, as we all know, is equal to Voldemort’s wand, with the tailfeather from Dumbledore’s phoenix in each one. I’m not sure how Voldemort obtained both tailfeathers, but it may have taken place when he met with Dumbledore to ask to be a professor at Hogwarts. When looking at the scene in the Pensieve, Harry detected a flick of Voldemort’s wand as he rose to leave the office. I believe he either 1) obtained two tailfeathers in that action or 2) put his horcruxes in one or both tailfeathers (or the phoenix as a whole) because the phoenix never dies, but cycles through life. It was a guaranteed living thing that could hold a horcrux. Now, I don’t believe Voldemort knew or intended for Harry to hold the horcrux, and kidnapped the wand shop owner (who is now missing) because he 1) found out Harry has the wand and he wants it back or 2) knows the wand is out there somewhere and wants the shop owner to help him obtain it since he had the wand (for safe keeping? mistakenly?). So maybe Harry is equal to Voldemort due to being the BOY WHO LIVED, and has great abilities because of the combination of equality and the horcrux.

  4. Liz

    Hmm, those are interesting theories indeed, Amanda, that either Harry’s wand or Fawks is a hoarcrux. I no longer believe that Harry himself is a hoarcrux, but I do think that one of the hoarcruxes will be something or someone dear to Harry.

    It has been divulged that two major characters will die in Book 7. Voldemort will of course be one of them, but who else? My vote is with Snape (at least that’s how I feel today). I think Snape isn’t really a supporter of Voldemort but is only pretending to be one so he can get close enough to have the opportunity to be the one to destroy him and get the glory for himself. That would explain why he hates Harry so much.

  5. Pete

    On the issue of snape- I think he is either good and Dumbledore’s pleading at the end is to have Snape kill him off to protect Malfoy from losing his innocense and hope completely. Or possibly, that Dumbledore’s statements about trusting Snape were really about trusting Snape to behave in a predictable way. I suspect that immobilizing Harry on the tower was so that he would witness the event without responding and to see that Malfoy is still able to be saved. I think that the sorting hat’s ongoing theme of inter-house unification is still to be addressed. at some point for this to be realized, slyheran house will have to be incorporated. This will be a pinnacle moment I suspect. This forgiving theme may be one of the most important to the series.
    I suspect Neville will also play a huge role yet.

  6. J.E.

    There is also a theory floating around out there that Snape made an unbreakable vow to Lily Potter to protect Harry.

    I have to say, that I am also off the Harry-is-a-horcrux band wagon as well. I like the wand idea though.

    Wish I had time to go on…

  7. Pete

    Why off the wagon? would explane the parsel-tongue and the shared vision. I would think this was also the reason Dumbledore had the rather red-herringesque speech about the possibility, though unpreferred placing of the horcrux in a living being ( he suspected Nagini the always present snake). there is a genius here, too, in that a part would be protected by what he surely saw as a weakness. Love would keep people from killing potter, which would allow a peice of him to continue. I think it may have been making this seventh split that cost Voldemort so dearly. Perhaps, as the trailor states, “harry potter, you will lose everything.” Also, this feeds well into the prophecy, that as long as they both survive, neither can live. They are both bound to each other so that neither life is free, while still bound by a shared body/soul. So, why off the bandwagon. what are your thoughts?

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