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Double Your Pleasure Music Thursday

Okay, since I missed posting these yesterday, I am going to give you double the music from each artist.  Now on to the pleasure of another Music Thursday…

01 +- | “Leap Year”
02 +- | “Steal the Blueprints”

01 Band of Horses | “The End’s Not Near” (The New Year Cover)
02 Goldspot | “Float On” (Modest Mouse Cover)

And the best for last
(Or, in which I TRIPLE your pleasure!)

01 Maps | “Sparks in the Snow”
02 Maps | “To the Sky”
03 Maps | “Lost My Soul”

Hope you like the selections this week!


  1. Tobias

    Ned — I have a CD here, with all of the tunes I have posted thus far on Music Thursday. I burned it in November, but never got around to mail it. I’ll update it with all of Music Thursday before Christmas and hand it off to you then. Sorry!

  2. Ned

    Thanks for making the cd. However, handiing it off may not be too easy. We’ll be home for only a week, December 27th – January 2. I don’t know when you plan to be in McPherson, but I hope to see you and anyone else who is around (Peters?)

  3. Shotts


    We’re really disappointed we won’t see you over the holidays. We’ll be leaving McPherson just as you’re arriving, unfortunately.

    Let’s see if we can get together soon. Maybe we can find some good midway spot between Eau Claire and Minneapolis and meet up regularly. In Hudson or some such?

    Here’s to good holidays, safe travels, and more camaraderie in the New Year.


  4. Ned

    Shotts and All,
    In all honesty, I miss seeing you guys. However, since my personal entries on this blog have, for some reason, tended toward the sarcastic, I will simply say that I will carry on – with a semi-heavy heart…

  5. Ned

    Anybody heard of the Delgados, a scottish rock band? I have been listening to the BBC recordings of the Peel sessions. Pretty interesting stuff. Maybe, Toby, you’d want to post one of their albums some Thursday.

  6. Tobias

    Actually, I was a big fan of their cover of ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky” which was covered for “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Also, on an early draft for “All the Money That Money Buys” from last year, I had “Everybody Come Down” as one of the tracks!  I’ll see if I can come up with some of their works for an upcoming Music Thursday.

  7. Ned

    See if you can find the album HATE. All You Need Is Hate is hilariously satirical. They also do a version of Robert Burns Parcel of Rogues that is quite appropriate for our day and age.

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