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Don’t Miss the Documentary Portion

Sara and I watched “The Children of Men” Sunday night. We needed an escape, which this film was not entirely successful at providing. But it was a good film, based on the PD James, Huxley-esque story. However, the documentary included on the DVD called “The Possibility of Hope”, was VERY good. I encourage anyone who views the film to be sure and watch it. It has a lot to say about Capitalism and the current state of our world that I think is important to begin addressing now (as does the movie in a more metaphorical way). Although I viewed the movie on Sunday night, you may not believe it when you watch the documentary, since one portion of it seems almost as if I quoted it verbatim in the H.P. exchanges. They are urgent ideas.


  1. J.E.

    It’s at the top of my queue. Thanks!

  2. Shotts

    I’ve wanted to see The Children of Men, and now I’d really like to see it–and the documentary. I’ll put it on our queue as well. Thanks, Ned.

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