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Concerning the McPee Reunion

It looks as though I will likely be in McPee for the 20 year reunion. Sara has been talking to Jantz who will be there so let me know what’s going on. I’d much rather sit around with all of you than with a few classmates I don’t know so well. Toby, you’d better show up, powder blue suit or not.


  1. Tobias

    I only bring out the powder-blue suit for wedding receptions.


  2. Tobias

    And I’m up for only doing a limited amount of classmate stuff, and getting more quality than quanitity.

  3. Ned

    I don’t know if there’s a night when maybe we can all get someone to watch our kids. Not that I don’t want to see some of everyone’s kids, I certainly do, but I feel if we all have our kids at some Happy Chef moment, it will be more chaos than catchup, or maybe chaos with ketchup. I’m all for the quality over quantity too.

  4. Tobias

    And the kids will absolutely revolt when they learn the ice cream is already in the pie!

  5. Ned

    You just made my day, Toby. I had completely forgotten that incident of metaphysics. Of course, Happy Chef no longer exists so I guess neither does ice cream in pie.

  6. Pete

    As long as we can find somewhere where I can buy Toby a bottomless cup of coffee and a microwaved cinamon role. or a farmhand.

  7. Amanda

    I told Jeff that I was open to this. We will be leaving that next Monday for Boston, flying out of MCI, so if anyone needs a ride to the airport that day…
    Our home is also open for people to stay the night if needed.

  8. Shotts

    Sorry to say it, but I think the Aspengren/Shotts will not be attending the MHS reunion. I’m a little disappointed, as I think it is something I would have normally gone all out for, but with some travel right after that time, it seems like it would be tough on the family this go around. That, and my grandmother turns ninety in September, so we are planning to drive down, the four of us, in very late August/early September. We’ll be around Sedgwick County for that. Hope to see the Beckers on the way down and/or the way back up, and hope to stop through McPherson County and see the Peters.

    Sorry to miss the reunion, however. I imagine it will be fun–and it will be either completely different from the ten-year reunion (due to new marriages and families), or it will be frighteningly and exactly the same.

  9. Ned

    Truly sorry to hear this, Jeff. You will be missed, particularly by people such as us who were primarily going back to see close friends.

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