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Bright and Early Music Thursday

Good morning, all in Hollow Men Land!  Hope these tunes find you well…it’s extra long this week.  I combined the extra tunes I’ve been collecting over the past three weeks.  Hopefully, there’s one or two songs you find to your liking.

01 Shack | “Cup of Tea”
02 Cord | “Sea of Trouble”
03 Longcut | “Tried and Tested Method”
04 Aereogramme | “Barriers”
05 Trail of Dead | “Wasted State of Mind”
06 Fields | “If You Fail We All Fail”
07 Scott Matthews | “Elusive”
08 Bloc Party | “Kreuzberg”
09 Decoder Ring | “Somersault”
10 Run Run Run | “Fade Into You (Remix)”
11 Early Years | “So Far Gone”
12 iLIKETRAiNS | “A Rook House for Bobby”
13 Eric Bachman | “Lonesome Warrior”
14 Stephanie Dosen | “This Joy (edit no. 2)”
15 Ladytron | “Sugar”
16 Imogen Heap | “Glittering Cloud (The Plague of Locusts)”
17 Rodrigo y Gabriela | “Tamacun”


  1. Ned

    Nice image. I assume it’s the flint hills. Thanks for the music.

  2. Ned

    The Scott Matthews song, Elusive, is really good. My favorite on the list. I also like Sea of Trouble.

  3. Tobias

    Actually, the photo is taken somewhere in the U.K. I can see how it was mistaken for the Flint Hills (I miss them).

    I think the Scott Matthews track is my favorite on the list and I was secretly hoping someone would like it enough to respond to it in comments. You made my day, weekend, and Monday Ned. Thank you.

    I have been listening to the whole playlist for a couple of weeks, and I hope it finds its way into heavy rotation for all of you.

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