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Back in Elgin…

shattuck.jpg…and as safe and sound as one can be in Texas.

The highlight of the return trip was the Shattuck Windmill Museum in Shattuck, Oklahoma. We talked to a very nice women holding forth in the gift shop where we purchased a book titled, “Windmills and Windmill Weights,” a jar of plum butter and a mug.

If you are as crazy about windmills as I am (and I know you are) I strongly urge you spend a least an hour at the Shattuck Windmill Museum. That is, if you are ever traveling on or near US 283 through Shattuck in the Oklahoma Panhandle (and I know you will).

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  1. Shotts

    A pretty amazing place, and a great photo on the blog! Those windmills are spectacular, but they’re no Geneva Wheel…

    Great to know you and Liz are back safely in Elgin. Jen and I are back in Minneapolis. We had a nice but long drive back north, but luckily had a nice break in Olathe with Toby and Steph, with some good Asian food at Pei Wei. Thanks again, Tob, for meeting up with us.

    It was superb to see everyone–except, sadly, Ned and Sara, who I hope are having some restful days in McPherson right about now…

    Some packages soon on their way to you.


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