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Still one of the best poster artists

Johann Johannsson (MT)

This year marked the death of Johann Johannsson. Composer and soundtrack producer for films like The Arrival, Prisoners, and Sicario. I liked his personal compositions best. One of his early works was Fordlandia, which was one of my all time favorites. This live version is spectacular, maybe even better than the recorded because of the way he ends it. 

0 Fs

This isn’t going to go the way you think.

Substitute Hitting Music Thursday…

Toby, and others – Elbow is a band a colleague introduced to me. At first I didn’t go for it that much, but I’m coming back to it slowly. A little 80s. a little Gabriel, and maybe some Smiths or something, but a decent listen. 

Music Friday?

Sara and I are going to see this guy, Nov 19th. 

Welcome back, friends.

A lot of changes here. Looking forward to catching up with you all. Cheers to Tob, the best of us tonight!

Old Music Post

I’ve been listening to back catalogs lately.  I have the tendency to start in with an artist, and then move forward with them…a few exceptions (looking at you, Midnight Oil, Rush, U2, and Seventy Sevens).  So now I’m playing catchup.

I’ve been hitting this lately:

Happy Thanksgiving

Always good memories on this day, especially, gentlemen. Amazing to think of those Thanksgivings hosted in saintly cities. Hope your holidays have all been great, with good ones yet ahead. And very soon forty. Happy Thanksgiving! A raised toast to you all!

New Sigur Ros takes a new, percussive direction.


Like everything besides…

…his Alien movie, this looks fantastic.  Any takers?

Graduation Weekend

Comics, Take 3

Garfield Minus Garfield.


Comics, Take 2

Garfield, I haven’t come back to in appreciation yet.  I still think it’s pretty juvenile.  While I hope my kids find it and love it like I did, I also hope they outgrow it 😉

This and tomorrow’s entry do something to Garfield that makes it interesting, much more interesting than it would be on its own.

I present: Garfield as Garfield.



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