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OK, so here’s your stinkin’ title.(or is it ?)

Great stuff on the BTOP. I fear that there are many things we have loved that we can never go back to. Many movies, books, toys, games, etc (can read a lot into the etc) that just do not stand the test of time. How many times have we gone to the video store to fill our evenings with these visions of yesteryear, these fond memories of days gone by only to realize that our memories of such things are far superior than the actual product. And isn’t it a great awkward moment when we share these formerly retired gifts with our friends and loved ones only to find the levels of suckitude have risen steadily over the years. I think sometimes it is better to have the recollections versus the re-experience. I glad our friendships have endured and aged well. We are a little more like fine wine than, say, Krull, or Tron. Anyway, as I take this second to reflect on BTOP or G-Force or whatever it is, I wonder if we have or might consider notifying one Jerod C S Morris. This might be the kind of thing to reconnect some stray connections.

Tob- your proposal strikes me as inticing to say the least. We will be back from Boston around Oct. 13, so shouldn’t have problems making the trip.

One of you may have to clue this old technophobe into how to post photos and images. I want to play, too!


  1. Shotts


    I agree with your assessment of past things. It’s why I won’t be watching BOTP anytime soon: the memory is better than the reality. In a very different way, I also refuse to watch the video taken of our wedding, at least for now. The memory of going through it is still so powerful and emotional that I’d rather not view it from a third-person stance.

    I also agree that we should invite in Jerod–into this web site, and into the invitation for the last weekend in October. If anyone has his current email, can they post it here, by the way? And maybe Toby can email him the coordinates and log-in information to this site. Good idea, Peters.

    Petes, I hope you will be able to come for the last weekend in October. That would be great. I’m still voting for a guys-only weekend on this, but others may have different thoughts. Either way, Jen will not be able to attend, as she will be in DC and then at her cousin’s bachelorette party.

    Maybe during that weekend, Toby can give us a tutorial on how to post photos, music, etc. I’m with you, Peters.


  2. J.E.

    Leave it to you two to take the high ground on the divisive issue of watching shitty dubbed anime of the 1970s. I prefer truth over memory.

    I’ll get Jerod signed up and notify him. Liz wants to post so I’ll let her play too. Let me know if any other wives want access to our fascinating little world.

    If you all are committed to October 28-29 I’ll book my flight in the next week or so.

    Posting photos is kind of pain in the ass. Toby could instruct you better than me. The WordPress site has pretty good instructions too.

  3. J.E.


    Do you have any of those wide format photos of Coronado Heights that you took for Liz? If not could you take some more? The photos we have are professionally framed so I can’t really scan them.

    The Hollow Men require a castle not a wistful bridge in the mist.

  4. tobias

    Guys, I experienced this doppler effect of history recently. I feverishly downloaded past episodes of Thundercats, which I grew to love in Middle School. I had a hint of this same effect when I rented Voltron once in college. The RoboBeasts didn’t bear the same level of ‘sinister’ as they did when I rushed home after Middle School classes to catch it on satellite TV. I was really disappointed.

    I also remember the Transformers Movie being a work of art compared to the TV show. It may be…but the TV show must really stink because the movie rang hollow when I bought it out of nostalgia and immediately watched it. I turned around and sold it on eBay almost instantly.

    As far as weddings go, I didn’t want our actual ceremony recorded. We recorded the reception to find faces we didn’t realize were there, but as far as recording the ceremony – I felt strongly about not recording it. I’m respect J.E.’s point of view of preferring truth over memory, and sometimes I defer to it.

    However, I propose, at times, that memory may be more real than truth. I may have to explain this more later, but the memory of our wedding and the senses it brings about in me seem more real than a sheer factual experience with a videotape might be. Actually, I think watching the tape might actually overwrite some of the feelings I have. For instance, the blemishes might stand out more and cause me to wince at experiences I might not have winced at before.

    So, I’m describing three categories: 1) truth, 2) memory and 3) reality. J.E. mentions above (and I know he didn’t intend to be quoted on this) truth vs. memory. Are they always at odds? Are truth and reality merged and there’s really only a dichotomy instead of a trichotomy? Can it be broken down at all? Is it all a spectrum with intermingling colors and shades?

    I don’t have an answer to the above questions…I’m merely throwing an idea out there I’ve been mulling over for years. A further illustration: in our age of news and reporting I find fiction far more ‘real’ at times than I do the ‘factual’ news. It somehow seems more true than the truth. Science fiction does far more to instruct me about stem cell research than the papers do.

    Am I building a glass world?

    J.E. — I am committed to the last weekend in October. It sounds like Ned is the only loose cannon. Make those reservations! Let’s walk on the trail and watch bottles swirl in the eddies.

    As far as posting photos and media go, I’ll be happy to instruct everyone on how to use WordPress. In the meantime, check out the Microsoft Live Writer post I mentioned earlier. It’s really simple to use, and you can get photos up easily.

  5. Ned

    Since our memories directly effect the things we do (like going out and buying Transformers the movie) our memories then have a direct effect on reality. And if something can effect reality, then it must be part of reality. Though I think I often believe in contemporary terms such as “literary truth” or “artistic truth” I think trying to separate truth from reality is dangerous stuff. It does injustice to those that have, are, or will suffer. I think the way memory effects our actions whether “truly” perceived or not is one of Ishiguro’s foremost themes.

    Speaking in terms of art or literature, it seems we often pronounce something true if it seems to contain something that affects us, the deeper the effect, the deeper the truth. For example, Newton’s revelation about the apple, a truth that affected a great many people. “To Be Or Not To Be…” Shakespeare’s contemplation on existence, also a truth that has made a great impact. Please note that I am not suggesting that something is only true if people accept it to be true, I am merely suggesting that the recognition of truth for individuals creates an effect on them or they don’t really believe it to be true.

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