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Month: August 2006

Ned’s Reposts

So now that I know how to do this, I’m going to repost those other things. My current reading list (in case anyone gives a hoot).

The Politics of Nonviolent Action – Gene Sharp

My Experiments With Truth – Gandhi

Provocations – Spiritual Writings of Soren Kierkegaard

Resistance, Rebellion, and Death – Albert Camus

Here’s those quotes again:

In most cases the artist is ashamed of himself and his privileges, if he has any. He must first of all answer the question he has put to himself: is art a deceptive luxury?

From Create Dangerously by Albert Camus

True individuality is measured by this: how long or how far one can endure being alone without the understanding of others.

— Søren Kierkegaard


Moderate Comments?

My last comments went into a section called comments in Moderation, which don’t get officially posted. So just because I want to see my own words on a page with a misty bridge along with all this other nonsense, I’m writing another blob. Jeff, in case you’re still interested, the faculty show is Thursday, September 7, though I don’t feel you need to drive down unless you want to just hang out a little in the evening. Two of the pieces, All the King’s Horses and I Lost Something have been purchased by Sacred Heart Hospital’s Rehab wing. As I said in the other comments I made, October is a very unlikely date for me. But because I rarely made the other fall events, I should be the one to miss anyway. Like Jeff, I could really use some HM banter, seeing as I have few friends here. But that is the reality of my schedule. Sara and I will doubtfully be home for Thanksgiving, but we will be in McPee on or at least around (maybe after) Christmas. As for our conversation this summer, Pete, there were more questions coming, but short time frame will have to postpone such questions until later.

OK, so here’s your stinkin’ title.(or is it ?)

Great stuff on the BTOP. I fear that there are many things we have loved that we can never go back to. Many movies, books, toys, games, etc (can read a lot into the etc) that just do not stand the test of time. How many times have we gone to the video store to fill our evenings with these visions of yesteryear, these fond memories of days gone by only to realize that our memories of such things are far superior than the actual product. And isn’t it a great awkward moment when we share these formerly retired gifts with our friends and loved ones only to find the levels of suckitude have risen steadily over the years. I think sometimes it is better to have the recollections versus the re-experience. I glad our friendships have endured and aged well. We are a little more like fine wine than, say, Krull, or Tron. Anyway, as I take this second to reflect on BTOP or G-Force or whatever it is, I wonder if we have or might consider notifying one Jerod C S Morris. This might be the kind of thing to reconnect some stray connections.

Tob- your proposal strikes me as inticing to say the least. We will be back from Boston around Oct. 13, so shouldn’t have problems making the trip.

One of you may have to clue this old technophobe into how to post photos and images. I want to play, too!

The word is out

I think by now, I’ve gotten a hold of everybody…but I wanted to post the invitation to the Becker home in KC the last weekend in October.  The invitation is open to everyone and their spouses, but the focus would definitely be on the guys hanging out.  It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to kick around.  The paths behind our house are ever open and longing for the footfalls of some Hollow Men.  Boulevard Wheat will flow, and maybe we can talk Shotts into bringing some Summit Winter Ale (if it’s in season).  I think the fall suits us well, and I miss all of you guys.  I think it’d be a great time to get together.  What say you all?

If we don’t blog Spectra has already won.


Thanks Tob! Looks great!

I’m looking forward to many arguments interesting discussions in the coming months.

As you may have guessed by my deft posting of the image above, Netflix just sent season one of “Battle of the Planets.” I’ve watched one episode this evening and plan to watch several more after my blogging chores.

BOTP (as we fans call it) pretty much sucks. It is not awesome. Clearly I have grown more sophisticated in my media tastes in the last twenty-five years.

Still, it’s arresting to have such clear recognition of music, sound, action and color from so long ago. As I experience this deep-brain TV stimulation, additional childhood memories dislodge and float to the surface of my mind. These recollections are the mostly mundane details of young child: favorite toys, snacks and pastimes. Each one insignificant and wonderful.

No title whatsoever

This is truly fantastic. What a wonderous tool! Ned, was great to see you, even briefly, while you were down. Thanks for stopping through. I have to admit that I am intrigued by your line of questions while at the Stieben’s and feel as though we did not get to finish the conversation. If you have additional questions, please let me know and I will get you any additional information/resources you need.

Tober- You da man! excellent work, my friend. Thanks for going the extra mile. As Shotts might say, you are the best of us.

Shotts- schedule is the following- Monday through friday (varies slightly) up at 6:30 or so, walk the dog, get ready for work and depart at 7:30. Arrive and begin work at 8. See 4-8 clients per day, have lunch with Amanda at noon and commute home at 5:30. Work in garden, read, ride my bike or make dinner from 6-9. Walk the puppy again. Watch “good eats” at 10 and asleep at 10:30. Weekends have been very different and there has been no steady routine. will let you know more when we get things settled. If you want more information, let me know.

Jeeves- I hope we get to see you over the holidays, and that all continues to be as well as possible with your family and Lizzo’s.

Cheers, Mates.

Through Providence

This Wednesday morning, Steph and I are flying in to Boston, MA.  We then hop on a train to head to Warwick, RI where my youngest brother Tom is getting married this Friday.

On the left is an overhead view of the Outdoor Bridal Garden where it will be held. 

He’s asked me to be the best man, and it’s a priviledge.  He’s come a long way since I was living in the house with him, and I’ve been lucky to be able to speak with him as I would a peer lately.  He’s really wise for his age and I’m glad to be able to stand next to him at his wedding.

We’ll be returning to KC a week from today, but in between the wedding and the return we’ll be visiting some friends in Maine.  Our friends are in Portland, ME working on an organic farm.  They’ve been there since March, when they tapped Maple trees for syrup.  We’re going to visit the farm they’ve been working at, hike a couple of trails, eat cheap lobster (I’ve never had lobster before) and enjoy some cool weather.  It gets into the 40-degree range there at night.  My favorite type of weather.

I’ll be sure to take along a camera to post pictures of our trip when I return.

See you soon, Tom!  Glad to be standing with you this weekend….

For Thine is / Life is / For Thine is the

It’s terrific to have The Hollow Men blog up and running. Thank you, Toby, for designing such an excellent and usable site. I think this will be an excellent way to keep in touch, post some comments, and make plans.

I have put up a link to the Graywolf Press web site, which isn’t great, but which gives you a snapshot of what books are coming out and what we’re up to. It’s hard to believe this summer that I passed the ten year mark of working for Graywolf. I hope you all will link your own pertinent web sites to the HM site. It’s a good way to better understand what each of you is doing with most of your daytime hours.

Speaking of what each of us is doing with our time, I have good responses on the issue of time from everyone except Peters. To be fair, Peters responded earlier to this request, but now that his schedule has changed so dramatically, I’m hoping Petes will email me with his schedule. Now that we have the HM site, perhaps it’s best if I just post the responses here–which I will do, once they’re all in hand…

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This is the way the blog starts…

 Pete-PetersMysterionMelon-omaNedward...ho!JE JE Burning Bright

Welcome to the Hollow Men blog!

Hopefully this will be a place where we can meet to discuss life amongst the HM, even though we may be on different sides of the world.  The site will be a work in progress: I’ll be updating the design incrementally and we (together) will be updating the content. 

I’m personally going to try to use this daily to keep in touch with everyone; it’d be great to have this site be a place where we can keep current about the going-ons in each of our lives!

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