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Month: November 2007

I’m Thankful

I’m at home now prepping sweet potatoes and mustard greens (not together) for our Thanksgiving in Temple (an hour north of Austin). This wiil be perhaps a less joyous occasion than it has been in years past as Liz’s uncle Glen just passed away on Tuesday of heart failure. Nonetheless we will be thankful for the time we had with Glen and the remaining time we have with each other. We will express this thanks by drinking heavily and eating to excess.

And thank you all for a great year of blogging, debate and related shenanigans. I am thankful that we have this forum where my friends can continue you to influence my life even though I’m lucky to see some of you but once a year.

I am also thankful for (among many others):
Toby’s willingness to share the wealth of his musical taste,
Ned’s emotional honesty,
Peters’ repaired computer,
Shott’s commitment to reading hours of Harry Potter for the sake of debate.

And at the risk of stoking the fires of Ned’s unquenchable wrath against music videos I offer this:


The holidays are upon us. I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving next week, wherever you will be. Jen and I will be in the Pacific Northwest from Tuesday through Sunday. So here’s wishing you a good feast to you and yours, from there.

As it happens, I have a fairly grand holiday break set up for myself this year, due to the fact that my class ends the week of December 10, I’m three days a week at Graywolf, and I have saved up vacation days all year, apparently. I will more or less be off of a regular work schedule from December 13 to January 7.

I’m hoping that might mean I can come to Kansas for a few days somewhere in there–either before Christmas or sometime after. I will certainly be in Minnesota roughly December 23-26 for family gatherings here. I thought I would see when others of you might be around the McPherson area during the holidays, to see if I can match my schedule to yours, as it would be great to see you all, in addition to my parents, grandparents, and extended family.

I need to get my air fare set as soon as possible, so let me know what your plans may be. And of course, it’s always interesting to know what all of you are doing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s…

Thanks to Graywolf

If you have not read Out Stealing Horses I strongly urge you to pick it up. You have already purchased it right?

I have always enjoyed Scandinavian literature. Many Scandinavian authors share a preoccupation with the formation of the self in the early years of life — a preoccupation we Hollow Men seem to share as well.

Wish I had more intelligent things to say right now but it’s just to late for that. Suffice to say, thank you Graywolf Press for publishing this fine translation and thank you to Shotts for being such insistent champion of it. Though it is too early to tell, I suspect Out Stealing Horses will have a strong presence in my literary consciousness for many years to come.


Is anyone still watching LOST? Toby, Peters?

I have still only watched seasons one and two, but season three is soon out on DVD. Is it worth putting on my Netflix queue, or has the whole series jumped the shark by now? I haven’t heard much talk about the show lately, so I’m getting the feeling it’s become a bit less enthralling. True?

Don’t give too much away here, please, but I’d be interested if there’s still the fervor for the show among the group, or if that has died out. Is Locke still the best character, as I assume he must be? Is J.E. still the Locke of the group?

M. I. A.

More on globalism and pop music:

Liz and I went to the Hogg Auditorium here at UT last night to see M. I. A. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we saw M. I. A. at Austin City Limits festival as well but we didn’t get to see the entire set. I so glad we went back to see her even if we were some of the oldest people in the room. Let me know what you think. I’ll post some tracks if anyone is interested.

This my not be jazz or classical but it’s a helluva lot better than Britney Spears.

“Bird Flu” lyrics

“Boyz” lyrics

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