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Month: April 2008


There’s a really good article about green movements and issues in the Sunday Times. I think some of the things mentioned in the article could be applied in other areas of the country and world, like Eau Claire, WI. Click to the link.

Ned is Right…

devotchka[1]  akronfamily_loveissimple_cover[1]

…this new Devotchka album is fantastic, amongst many of Ned’s rightnesses.  Here’s three tracks I enjoyed in the time I’ve had to listen.

01 Devotchka | The Clockwise Witness
02 Devotchka | Transliterator
03 Devotchka | New World

On with the Ned theme.  Here’s another artist I heard this week and it totally sounded like an artist Ned would enjoy the most of all of us.  I enjoy it quite a bit too, but Ned can surpass us and all of our enthusiasms….

04 Akron/Family | Ed Is A Portal
05 Akron/Family | Lake Song/New Ceremonial Music For Moms
06 Akron/Family | There’s So Many Colors

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