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I have been contemplating this place and time in life–being 33. It is an interesting but hard to define stage. I have particularly been trying to explore the concept of the Jesus Year, as Jesus was supposedly 33 for the bulk of his ministry, betrayal, and death. The concept is that by the age of 33, you should have done something big–perhaps not have saved us all from sin and hell, mind you, but something large in terms of a contribution. Do we die a metaphorical death in this year? And if so, what is on the other side? What does it mean to contribute something, and something big or important, by this age? I’ve been trying to think through this a bit, and write about it in some way as a project.

What does the Jesus Year hold for you, and what do you make of this idea generally, and in terms of your own lives?

For me, I’m interested in finding larger struggles beyond myself, and maybe that’s ultimately what one can do that lives up to, in part, the example of Jesus. And yet. Here, this year, I’ve been given everything–a good life, companionship, good work, and even a more flexible schedule so that I can teach this fall (something I’ve wanted for a long time) and so that I can write (something I’ve always wanted). Why does this still seem like it falls short? Why are my struggles still primarily with myself? Is this part of the experience of being 33, as a sort of crossroads year? A year in which I know many of my peers are far more successful in terms of what the culture says is successful? Why is it that I still can’t eat right, exercise right, balance my life? Maybe the Jesus Year is the year we are supposed to compare ourselves to Jesus, yes, but really what we do is compare ourselves to everyone else?

But more generally, does this stage of life have any common or universal traits among the culture at large? Are most people already married? already married and divorced? having children? getting higher promotions? running for office? changing jobs? moving? taking up some cause?

I thought you would all be interested in this, seeing as, for a little while longer, at least, we’re all 33, our high school and college classmates are, most of them, 33, and I suspect several of our friends, cousins, and others around us are 33. And we haven’t had a larger question posed lately, so it seems like a good time. Any thoughts?


I just received an email from Staci (Shoemaker) Schmid, who has informed me that a Fifteen-Year Class Reunion for the MHS graduating class of 1992 is planned for August 2007. She has asked me to provide her with any emails or mailing addresses for classmates.

You heard it here first.


Lance Platner

I don’t know if you guys heard, but Lance Platner was killed in a motorcycle/automobile collision over the weekend. Lance went to my church during our high school years. When I saw him at the reunion, he mentioned that he had hung a drawing that I had done for him in high school of a skull, sword, and a serpent in his truck. He also mentioned how lucky he felt to have seen the sun rise and set in states all over the country (he was a trucker). Overall, he was a pretty genuine guy, and I’m sure it is rough for his family. As far as I know, he’s the first from our class to go.


(Here is a link to the obituary the Sentinal ran — Ed.)

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