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Lance Platner

I don’t know if you guys heard, but Lance Platner was killed in a motorcycle/automobile collision over the weekend. Lance went to my church during our high school years. When I saw him at the reunion, he mentioned that he had hung a drawing that I had done for him in high school of a skull, sword, and a serpent in his truck. He also mentioned how lucky he felt to have seen the sun rise and set in states all over the country (he was a trucker). Overall, he was a pretty genuine guy, and I’m sure it is rough for his family. As far as I know, he’s the first from our class to go.


(Here is a link to the obituary the Sentinal ran — Ed.)


  1. Shotts

    Very sad news, Ned. I had not heard that. Lantz (and I believe this was the spelling of his name) was a character, and I also remember talking with him at the reunion. Genuine is the right word, and I would add stalwart and funny. Easy to laugh, that one. I imagine that up to the end. Sorry I didn’t know him well really at all. Here’s to ye.

    Of our class, I guess Sam Parsons may have been technically the first to go, though he didn’t actually graduate with us. I hope that troubled soul is somehow at rest.


  2. Shotts


    Thanks for posting the obituary. I didn’t even know the McPherson Sentinel had a web site. Interesting to see the obituaries as one of the major things on the site…


  3. J.E.

    Yes, thank you both for posting about Lance. I’ve been thinking of him all week.

    J. E.

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