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Month: March 2008

Remerge Music Thursday


Good afternoon, gents (and ladies).  Hope all is going well for everyone and that Spring is finally arriving. Maybe Summer for Texas?  Work has been really busy for me in the month of March, and I anticipate it continuing through May.  I think about you all often….

Here’s a few tunes that have accompanied me during the long hours the past week.  As I was listening I thought about jumping back into Music Thursday and sharing these with everyone.

Next stop, Devotkcha.  Which I haven’t grabbed yet — thanks for the heads-up, Ned!

01 Alberta Cross | Old Man Chicago
02 Basia Bulat | Before I Knew (Live on Radio K)
03 Fleet Foxes | Blue Ridge Mountains
04 Fujiya & Miyagi | Ankle Injuries
05 The Long Blondes | Nostalgia
06 Mitchell London | Mammal Reenactment
07 Nick Drake | Pink Moon
08 Sam Cooke | Bring It On Home To Me
09 Silent Years | Sharks
10 Sun Kil Moon | Ocean Breathes Salty
11 Vampire Weekend | Oxford Comma

Asps. Very Dangerous. You Go First.

Not an asp. 

You guys might have heard, the first Indiana Jones movie in 19 years is coming out this Memorial Day weekend.  So, Steph and I have devised an equation.

Memorial Day + Kansas City + HM and their wives + Indiana Jones + (optional beer & pipes) = a Memorable Weekend

Are you in or are you out?  Let us know.  Discuss below.


I have to say, it has been about as quiet as it has ever been on the HM site. J.E. and I seem to be keeping some nominal chatter, but I haven’t seen Toby or Peters here for quite a while. That seems surprising considering all that has been going on the last few weeks: the Democratic primaries and a seeming turn this last week for Hilary Clinton; John McCain clinching the Republican nomination and so quickly seeking Bush’s endorsement; the Academy Awards, with No Country for Old Men as Best Picture; a new trailer out for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; the intriguing basketball rivalry between Kansas and Kansas State and high hopes going into the NCAA tournament; Ned has a new painting posted; there’s a U2 movie out in 3D; a Graywolf poetry title (Mary Jo Bang’s Elegy) just won the National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry; Jen and I had a great experience with our first ultrasound this past week, with everything looking good and healthy so far; making some plans for the spring or summer; and just about anything and everything else that might be going on.In any case, I hope the silence means you’re all doing well. 

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