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I have to say, it has been about as quiet as it has ever been on the HM site. J.E. and I seem to be keeping some nominal chatter, but I haven’t seen Toby or Peters here for quite a while. That seems surprising considering all that has been going on the last few weeks: the Democratic primaries and a seeming turn this last week for Hilary Clinton; John McCain clinching the Republican nomination and so quickly seeking Bush’s endorsement; the Academy Awards, with No Country for Old Men as Best Picture; a new trailer out for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; the intriguing basketball rivalry between Kansas and Kansas State and high hopes going into the NCAA tournament; Ned has a new painting posted; there’s a U2 movie out in 3D; a Graywolf poetry title (Mary Jo Bang’s Elegy) just won the National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry; Jen and I had a great experience with our first ultrasound this past week, with everything looking good and healthy so far; making some plans for the spring or summer; and just about anything and everything else that might be going on.In any case, I hope the silence means you’re all doing well. 


  1. Pete

    Sorry to have been absent. When I have thought to add something, for whatever reason the computer shuts down when booting this site up. Maybe someone with more computer knowlege knows why this site elicits a Windows needs to shut down-want to send an error report? ressponse, and only some of the time. I have also been busy with work and stuff around here. I am already needing to dot all i’s and cross my t’s in getting my paperwork in order to renew my license as a therapist. I have to make sure I have all my continuing education hours done and in here in a couple of months. Hard to believe I have been out of grad school long enough to have to renew my credentialling. Anyway, great to hear that the baby-stuff is going well. As fate may have it we may be in your neck of the woods about the time the baby arrives. We certainly wouldn’t want to impose and we know you will probably be overwhelmed at the time, but if there is a way to at least be able to make a brief visit, we would as always love to see you. We also recognize that there will be a lot that is dependent on other things. We were in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago and saw the Becker clan. I have to admit, and not in a negative or snarky kind of way, but seeing our friends with kids does kind of give me the sense that it is possible, that “even I can do this”. Especially it the kiddo is as sweet as Clara is at this point. She is adorable. I am sure that the pending future Aspenott will be beautiful too. Any chance of posting ultra-sound photos? One last note, I wanted to respond earlier to my comments about ambition. I think there are people who want to be in positions because of the position and there are people who want to be in positions because of what they can do with them. Hillary strikes me at a gut level as the former. Obama, on the other hand, has a history of doing less prestigious work when the other was possible. He was a community organizer in Chicago and returned to it after Law school when he was the head of a pretty prestigious college organization that would have guarenteed a very handsome salary at any law office of his choosing. He took the job that would most help other versus helping himself. A true Social Worker, perhaps that is what I connect with with him. On yet another note, I am getting prepared for a race tomorrow. Jason Bruce (who just had his 2nd baby) and I are headed up to the Lawrence area for a race, my first in about 9 years I think. I am fit and nearly at race weight, but pretty nervous as I have no guage. My approach is to take this one pretty easy with minimal expectations. We’ll see how we do. Should be fun. Looking forward to hearing more about the baby news as it is available.

  2. Ned

    I’ve been incredibly busy recently. Overwhelmed is the word that comes to mind. I’ll be in New York next week with the University. Hope to talk to some of you sooner rather than later. Toby called – much appreciated – and we talked about some of the blog topics.

    I hope, Jeff, things are progressing well as you prepare for fatherhood. I hope to talk to you guys more or even get a visit in. I was in the cities for a gallery opening recently, but my last minute ride didn’t allow me enough leeway to connect with you guys, even if you were available. It was the Thomas Barry gallery. Tiit Raid was a former prof at UWEC.

    Come on Spring…I’m ready for a change.

  3. J.E.

    Yes, I’m still alive too. Here’s proof: http://picasaweb.google.com/pingis/PACShops

    These are shop photos from our latest production, Sondheim’s Assassins. There’s even a photo of me toiling away in my blue office. Blue — so calming.

    I’ll resurface after we get this thing loaded in (and two other shows). All is well but I am, like Ned, overwhelmed.

  4. Shotts

    Great to hear from Peters, Ned, and J.E. here, and good to talk to Toby on Tuesday evening. It is indeed a busy time. Mid-term grades are turned in, and I have proofs to turn in tomorrow, and then it’s spring break next week (though I still work at Graywolf). Never a dull moment, it seems. Jen and I also go in for a follow-up ultrasound on Saint Patrick’s Day–Monday.

    More soon. I hope you’re all doing well, despite the full schedules.

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