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On the Subject of 2012…

Another link I found in early 2013, was a series of videos an auteur named Matt Shapiro has put together for the last seven years called The Cinescape.  It’s pretty amazing craftsmanship, and even though none of the films he spliced together are original works, the way he did it is.  It’s masterful and brings to mind how movies, even in their most mundane form, can be filled with wonderful images and themes.  Sometimes I feel as if there’s a boredom of abundance.  There’s just so much high-quality filmmaking these days, that even the worst of the Hollywood dreck can be filled with amazing facets.

The Cinescape above also reminds me of how movies feature variations on a theme, and that the tropes can get tedious after a while.  So, there’s a sense of wonder and disappointment as I flip through all seven of these and start to see some of the tricks filmmakers use to emotionally and visually connect.

Another Recommendation in the Vein of Ned

I’ve been listening to Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and think you guys might like the recommendation.  You can download some free tracks from their album here…including the song reinterpreted below.

I found them thanks to video below, one of the most endearing YouTube videos I’ve seen in a long time….  Hope I’m not overselling it.

I wish I could play a guitar, so I could do this with my kids….

Video on Education

OK Go, F*** Yeah!

This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen, for those of you who haven’t seen it.

Every time they come out with a new video, I wonder how they’re going to top the old one.  Same feeling with this one.

My Head Sounds Like That

So I owe you many YouTube Fridays. I know.

Here is one I’ve been saving up for a while. As I’ve been running around for the last month trying to remember everything I’ve forgotten I’ve often thought of this film. “Copy Shop” was shot and edited on standard 35mm but then each frame was individually photocopied and then reshot frame by frame. Hypercool.

I present to you “Copy Shop” parts one and two.

If you are looking for ways to waste more time…

I would recommend two things: Youtube: “Angry Kid”. Look for the clips with the wierd red-headed youth. And secondly, go to CBS.com and look at the Creature Comforts full episodes (20 minutes, approximately). Not quite as good as the British version, but nevertheless an interesting social commentary. There is a funny little bit about art in the last third. Enjoy.

YouTube Friday — Wayne Coyne and the Flaming Lips

Shotts once said that the Flaming Lips, “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” was a “life saver.”

If you are not a Flaming Lips fan I hope that after you watch the first video of “Do You Realize” that you will become one and then watch Wanyne’s commencement address (parts one and two) at Classen High in Oklahoma City, his home town where he and his family still live.

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