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Month: December 2009

Amazon Kindle

Not Jeff's Kindle I got one. Anyone else? Care to muse and discuss? In this early stage with it, I’m finding the Kindle surprisingly readable and fun. In its way, it’s making reading "new." At the same time, I find myself gravitating toward nonfiction with it, rather than the more traditionally "literary" genres of fiction and (certainly) poetry. Maybe I’m used to seeking out information on a screen, and so nonfiction feels more comfortable in that format. In any case, it’s been an interesting Christmas gift…

Surfacing and Resubmerging

My apologies to all of my fine fellow Hollow Men.  I am making a short reappearance, and then will probably not be on much over the next week.  Steph’s finishing up her last semester of classes, and it makes it hard to do anything at the computer other than work.  I look forward to getting back on and enjoying the pleasure of conversing with you all.

Until then, enjoy this, as spotted in a coffee shop:


Sketchbook Fridays

SB 09 008


SB 09 009


Here’s an image from my sketchbook (with close-up), collage and acrylic and ink, that deals with the demonizing of wolves throughout decades of American History. I’d like to call it Demyth.

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