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Sketchbook Friday

SB 09 006


  1. J.E.

    Hey Ned, thanks for keeping this going.

    What, if anything, do the red and yellow areas of this map indicate. Aesthetics are reason enough — just wondering.

    For me, this is one of the more engaging images you’ve put up — sort of putting a “face” on the abstract notions of game management — but maybe that’s because it resembles my own sketches and thoughts as of late.

  2. Ned

    The map is a map of the south area of Eau Claire, an area, like much of America, that has all developed in the last twenty or thirty years with a mall, a Borders, an Applebee’s, a Famous Dave’s, a Hobby Lobby, an Office Max, an Office Depot, a Kohl’s, etc, etc. The houses there have all been built recently, literally expanding the geography of the city in a rapid fashion. The fox painting was actually dealing with some of the same ideas, but in a more roundabout, whimsical manner.

    Thanks for asking.

  3. Ned

    Oh, and it’s funny that you mention game management, which I usually refer to species management for obvious reasons. I have been really keeping up with a lot of the discussions about that here in WI. Some of my favorite haunts are the WI DNR, as well as the Ely, MN International Wolf Center.

    The map of WI with red and green and so on in the collage I posted before is a DNR posting of dog depredations by wolves in northern WI from their internet site. I put this in my sketchbook to remind myself that wolves are wild animals and they do wreak havoc for some people. I support wolves, but I don’t want them to become a symbol for something other than what they are – one of the most complex, intelligent, and strong willed predators still in existence.

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