My last comments went into a section called comments in Moderation, which don’t get officially posted. So just because I want to see my own words on a page with a misty bridge along with all this other nonsense, I’m writing another blob. Jeff, in case you’re still interested, the faculty show is Thursday, September 7, though I don’t feel you need to drive down unless you want to just hang out a little in the evening. Two of the pieces, All the King’s Horses and I Lost Something have been purchased by Sacred Heart Hospital’s Rehab wing. As I said in the other comments I made, October is a very unlikely date for me. But because I rarely made the other fall events, I should be the one to miss anyway. Like Jeff, I could really use some HM banter, seeing as I have few friends here. But that is the reality of my schedule. Sara and I will doubtfully be home for Thanksgiving, but we will be in McPee on or at least around (maybe after) Christmas. As for our conversation this summer, Pete, there were more questions coming, but short time frame will have to postpone such questions until later.