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weirdest damned thing

For those who want a de ja vu moment- check this out:  I decided to check out what website out there bears my name and went to www.jeffpeters.com.  I found a strikingly familiar website.  a blog that made me wonder if tob was running the universe, or if i was in an episode of Lost. I am serious give this thing a try before it changes up.  strange.


  1. Shotts

    Uh, wow. This is like stepping into the bizarro world. Peters, have you been to New York recently without telling anyone, and then posting your photos of the trip? How is it that this web site is more or less exactly the same as the HM site? There has to be some explanation here…


  2. Ned

    I visited this site and I think it is simply the curse of a common name. There is no website, similar or disimilar, under the name ngannon, nedgannon, gannon, or egannon. So I think whatever doppelganger you’ve got out there, the rest of us are probably free and clear. Sorry.

  3. Ned

    Is there a template that you have been using? Where does that damn tunnel image come from? I vote for a change of presentation, as nice as this was. I can’t abide this. It is an all out assault on our sense of individuality. The only other option is to threaten the double until he agrees to change his. However, since I am not a proponent of intimidation or violence, and I have the sneaking suspicion that the photo is a template. I say we move on…

  4. J.E.


    For seriously.

    J. E.

  5. Pete

    nah, let’s wallow in this a while longer. there is a J.E.Johnson site too, after all. I can’t remember if it is JEjohnson or J.E.Johnson, but it is worth a look. jp

  6. Shotts

    I’ll wallow a bit longer.

    jejohnson.com is worth a visit, if you’re interested in mechanical service and installation in Michigan. And I know you are.


  7. J.E.

    Nice work on the header Toby!

    Now isn’t that better everyone?

    J. E.

  8. Ned

    J.E. and Company,

    I wasn’t serious. That was the point. The present header is fine. I thought the bit about threatening the other Jeff Peters would have put my comments in the “clearly sarcastic” category, along with the “all-out-assault” comment.

    I apologize for the perceived irascibility of my comments. Once again, a tone foible on my blogging abilities.


  9. Shotts

    Here here! Nice work, Tob, on the new header with the familiar plateau that is the non-virtual home of the Hollow Men! I liked the car and the tunnel, but I agree with J. E.–this is much better, and certainly more appropriate.


  10. J.E.


    We’ve been talking about customizing the header since the week the blog went online.

    No worries. None at all. Not one.

    J. E.

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