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Ned’s Latest Landscape

Pinch posting for Gannon…. “[This is] my latest landscape in the on-going series. It is partially about layers, history, traces, and alteration.”


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  1. Shotts


    I think this is a terrific painting, at least as represented here on the site. And very different from most everything else of yours I’ve seen–mostly because of the obscurring, the more abstract shapes and trees over the more representational trees. The color contrast there is striking too, and overt. The painting seems to suggest that the “real” trees, the representational trees in the background, are obscurred, perhaps, by the mere notion of trees. How do we get back to the “true environment,” the unspoiled, when all this–pollution, degradation, our “idea” of environment instead of the “reality” of environment–gets in the way?

    I like the work, and it’s a new direction for the series, at least what I’ve seen of it.


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