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The Bride of Music Thursday

I discovered these guys because I saw them featured in an email and noticed they were from Lawrence, KS.  I like to support my fellow Kansan and discovered they didn’t need my philanthropy, because they’re really excellent.  Actually, it’s one of my favorite albums I’ve bought in a while. 

They seem to have a bit of the theatrical about them, akin to The Arcade Fire, Hot Hot Heat, or the like…but they also infuse their songs with moments of greatness.  I start thinking midway through a song that it’s mediocre, but by the end of the song I’ve been corrected.  I love songs that build and change. 

Anyway, I think the only weak song on here might be Track 4.  I hope you guys enjoy!  Put up your responses to the album once you’ve had a chance to listen to it.  Let me know if this is stuff you like, or if my music tastes are dead to you.

White Whale | WW1

01. Nine Good Fingers
02. O’ William, O’ Sarah
03. The Admiral
04. I Love Lovely Chinese Gal
05. What’s An Ocean For?
06. We’re Just Temporary, Ma’am
07. Forgive The Forgiven
08. Fidget And Fudge
09. Yummyman Farewell
10. King’s Indian
11. One Prayer


  1. Shotts


    This is terrific. I, for one, have enjoyed every one of your Music Thurday selections. I probably like White Whale the least of all those you’ve posted, so far, but as you say it grows on you. I’m listening to the album now, as I type this from a hotel room in rural New Jersey. I’m here for the Dodge Poetry Festival, which is the largest poetry event in North America. There are over 20,000 people attending the festival. Good to have wearethehollowmen.com to keep me company…

    White Whale–there’s an earnest quality, and it feels like a young album to me. But very cool that they’re from Lawrence.

    I think your selections so far, Tob, show a propensity toward the intersection of rock with a bit of earnest New Depression-era type of country. Accessible, tuneful, melodic, and masculine, I would say. I like a lot of that too. It’s tough to try to define musical taste, but it’s interesting to try to do so.

    Thanks for keeping Music Thursday going. I always look forward to it. Other than Band of Horses, this has all been new music for me.


  2. J.E.

    I think this is some of the best posted yet. Shotts is right about the earnestness. I’m a sucker for it though.

    J. E.

  3. Ned

    I think Music Thursdays are a great idea. I wish I was handy enough to actually figure out how to participate in the audio aspects. Oh, well.

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