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Poetry Merge

Do not fret, soon Music Thursday will be posted.  My computer went down this week, so I’m a little behind on things, so I am collecting candidates and will soon have them filtered down to a few choice Music Thursday selections.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this interview I heard today on NPR.  This artist folds well-known poems into her music.  I think it’s a great way to expose some people who may not otherwise think poetry is “their thing.”  Anyway, I think it dovetails into the conversation we’ve sort of been having about the importance getting poetry into the hands, hearts and minds of the populi.

Click on the cover to be taken to the album’s Amazon.com page, or here for the NPR page with Kris’ intervew with Melissa Block.  There’s some great stuff in the interview and I think Delmhorst articulates herself well.  I wish I would have said some of the things she said.  I can’t say that very often about things I hear in popular culture….


  1. Shotts

    This is an interesting concept, and I’m glad to know about it. Thanks, Tob. Unfortunately, I can’t get the songs or interview to play, because NPR seems to be PC-centric: I don’t have Windows Media Player or a compatible software. I’ll see if I can download for Mac.

    Thanks, Tob. I hope your computer woes have ended.


  2. Shotts


    No pressure. But I’m hoping for a good Thanksgiving Music Thursday. Some good tunes would make the holiday right…

    U218, by the way, is officially out.


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