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Playlist in Black

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What I’ve been listening to this week…


  1. Ned

    Thanks for this post. I’m familiar with all of this already, but there is just something reassuring that made my day to see you posting music news again. I’m really looking forward this winter to the double release of Andrew Bird’s two albums: one instrumental and one of songs. I hope the instrumental is full of string arrangements with cello and violin.

  2. Shotts

    Great to see this, and great to hear, Ned, about Andrew Bird’s albums. We saw him open for Wilco last year, and he is great live. I’ve always been a fan of Ryan Adam’s Americana sound, and liked The Stills first album a few years ago. I’m eager to get into these new ones. I admit I’m way off the new music scene…

  3. Ned

    You guys should check out the Bon Iver album. He played at the Walker w/ Andrew Bird and he is from Eau Claire. He’s immensely popular here.

  4. Ned

    There’s a terrible looking webpage at this link. Despite the uncalled for un-aesthetics, you can hear the song Skinny Love, which is one of my favorites on the album.


  5. Ned

    Speaking of Andrew Bird, there is a funny and queer video set to Bird’s lovely song “Lull” at this link.


  6. Tobias

    Thanks for the links, Ned…MySpace is by nature graphically crass. Skinny Love sounds fantastic and I’ll look for more.

    More music postings are coming this week. I hope.

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