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Baby Double Weekend

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Yes, indeed, we might well have been the luckiest of all our friends this weekend.

We got a first hand Beckett sighting and Clara sighting as well. Bouncing baby Beckett, a bundle of beautiful babbling, was quite the sight. We are grateful to the Shotts-Aspengrens for hosting us and only wish we would have had more time to visit, but alas, we had a wedding to get to. On the way home we got to see Tobandsteph with Clara. Also wonderful, and thanks, to you, too for going out of your way to accomodate our travels and time constraints.

I was reminded of how fortunate we all are this week when I saw a posting on facebook. Apparently, Kori Karstetter (a year or two younger than us, if memory serves correct) was in the midst of her second child birth when they lost their child. To make matters worse, she had a heart attack a short time later and at last check was touch and go. Really brings home how fortunate we all have been.

Thanks so much to you all for sharing your families with us.

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  1. Shotts

    Peters, it was great to see you and Amanda. Glad to hear the wedding was good and interesting, and brought up such invaluable insights (see your other post on wealth). Thanks for making time to see us and to meet Beckett! It’s important to me to have him know the HM.

    Great to see this photo of Clara! And great to talk to you recently, Tob.

    Ned, I owe you a call! It’s been a busy time, as we attempt some sleep and get back to work and teaching.

    Petes, this is terrible news about Kori. I’m really sorry to hear this. It reminds me too how fortunate we are, particularly with Beckett. Yesterday, on Sunday, Jen became a godmother of the new daughter of one of our good friends–the ones who lost their previous child. It was very emotional as we remembered their loss while celebrating their new daughter. None of this is to be taken for granted. It helps to be reminded of this when we wake up, and there’s little B there with us. The rest is just easy.

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