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Observation of Time

Two videos:

Six Years of Noah

Three Years of Ahree


  1. Shotts

    Really interesting, J. E. Especially the Six Years of Noah sequence. As I mentioned in my Time posting, we’re an accrual of moments and minutes and hours.

    I grow old, I grow old.
    I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.


  2. tobias

    The thing I find most interesting about these two movies (besides the obvious dedication to taking one’s picture everyday for years and the affecting result) is the choice of music each person selected.

    Noah chooses piano music, moving and personal. Ahree chooses an electronic techno fugue, which brings about a melancholic reaction in me.  Ahree’s video causes me to feel as if time is a unpredictable force to be reckoned with (there’s a dark side to it); Noah’s effects me differently as time being something warm and nostalgic (our little boy has grown up!).

    How does the music make you feel?

  3. Shotts

    I liked the Noah sequence more for its music. Perhaps it’s more an obvious choice, the piano–but it made me more melancholic, more sad, and it seemed to me less warm, as Toby said, but more a stark and barebones look at time. It made me feel more a sense of waste, more a sense of time just going by.

    Ahree’s sequence and the music there felt more wry, with a touch of humor to it–which I like also. It’s a more knowing video, probably.


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