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Is Hasslehoff this generation’s Shatner?

Think about it, folks.  Cheesy, campy, self-agrandising, astonishingly sub-par musical talent, a huge, I mean huge, cult following. Amanda pointed this out to me.  I think it rings true. 

 I noticed today that a real cool looking building in town here is for sale.  It is the old baptist church building. I think you can view it on Rolanderrealty.com (or some such site).  They want 140,000.  Think about it, we could start our own artist colony, our own compound.  We could raise our kids there, safe from the world.  We could homeschool and buy all our crap at sam’s in bulk and have it delivered; shut ourselves in from the outside world while we slowly go insane! 

…but safe from what scientists will refer to as the “hasslehoff effect”, that which brought upon us the end.  With a whimper, indeed!  My whimpering, and the whimpering of billions, whimpering away in choir of whimperieness.  Or we could all just keep doing the stuff that makes us happy and pretend that hasslehoff isn’t real. Your choice, but I know he is real.  I know what he is doing.  slowly, to all of us. 

Look at the hidden messages within the video, but don’t look to long, alas you will be sucked in, too.  converted to his minions.  stay safe tonight.     


  1. tobias

    $140K for the building is tempting. I could be a full-time bum and afford that mortgage! Actually, I spoke with a guy named Jerry, who panhandles on the Plaza. He made the claim that he made $150K a year.

    Do you think they’d let me sit outside the Dala Horse factory in my cardboard box?

  2. J.E.

    It would on depend whether you were using the cardboard box for shelter or clothing.

  3. tobias

    I didn’t mean to say that $140K is not a lot of money, by the way, it’s just the value of that building is awesome! Especially, splitting it four or five ways!  Steph let me know that my cavalier attitude could be seen as snobbish.  Anyway…I was using hyperbole. My sincere apologies.

  4. J.E.

    Nobody in Texas sees you as snobish. Can’t vouch for Kansans though. They can be awfully sensitive.

  5. Pete

    We love our Tobs. Even when he says snobbish things, I read his pleasant intent into them.

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