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Music Thursday

I thought it’d be nice to have something to listen to on the main page, to share an album or something once a week.  So here go my efforts.  If you’d like to share an album with the group, send me a burned copy or the mp3’s.  Hopefully, I can pass some of this knowledge off to everyone next time we get together so everyone can have creative control. 

Also, if anyone is interested, wearethehollowmen.com email addresses are available to whomever wants them! 

Click on the cover to start playing the album in your music player of choice!

The album for this week:

Everything All the Time 

Band of Horses | Everything All the Time

The First Song
Wicked Gil
Our Swords
The Funeral
Part One
The Great Salt Lake
Weed Party
I Go To The Barn Cause I Like The
St. Augustine


  1. tobias

    By the way, for my money…the best songs are The Funeral (Track 4) and Weed Party (Track 7).

    Let me know which ones you like, if any!

  2. J.E.

    I cant get this to play on iTunes. The music you posted last week worked fine.

  3. tobias

    Try it again, J.E. I streamlined the playlist file and file names, so hopefully they’ll work properly in iTunes now! Let me know if it works.

  4. Shotts

    This still doesn’t work for my iTunes either. I’ve heard a bit of Band of Horses, and would really like this album. Nice recommendation, Tob.

    Yeah, the Editors posting you did worked for me last week, but this one isn’t running yet on iTunes.


  5. tobias

    Okay, I tried another tactic. Hit the refresh button before you try to click on the link again and let me know if it works…we’ll get this yet!

  6. Shotts

    Sorry, Tob. It’s still not working for my iTunes.


  7. J.E.

    Nothing happening on this end either.

  8. tobias

    Do the direct links work for everybody now?

  9. J.E.


    We were just listening to Explosions in the Sky in the shop and Lisa, one of our graduate design students, came up to me and said, “Did you know this is my boyfriend’s band?”

    She fell in love with the drummer. Cool.

  10. Shotts


    Yes, now I can click on each track and listen through Quicktime. I can’t download to iTunes, though, unfortunately. I’ll have to buy the album–or have you burn it off!

    Thanks for this. Definitely like Band of Horses.

    And J. E.–that is very cool about Explosions in the Sky. Have been enjoying the album you burned for me. Does this mean that they are indeed an Austin band? Does this mean you’ll get free tickets through your graduate student designer?

    She fell in love with a drummer. Another and another. She fell in love…


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