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Moby Dick, or the card game


I’ve been haunting Kick Start for the last couple of months and I caught wind of this today. I’ve never been much for roll play games but I might give this one a try. Though I can’t think of who I would play it with save for you clowns.

I’m glad to see they’ve made their goal already.


  1. Ned

    The art for this is striking and reminds me of this card game that Sara and I have that serves as the mystery of the Jack the Ripper Case. The art is great, but I’m not much for card games. I think it would be funny if there was no way to win the Moby Dick game, but it probably wouldn’t sell as well once people discovered it’s not functional.

    This is the second Kickstart project you have drawn my attention to. Are you regularly perusing their site? I actually kind of have a problem with some of the projects. I think something like the citizen wolf project makes sense because that kind of project normally draws on some kind of public support, either through non-profits or governement research. So in a time of scarcity, it makes sense that they would appeal to the public. But there are a lot of trashy comic books, videos, and music that seem to get a lot of support, which disappoints me as far as our general public’s taste is concerned.

  2. Tobias Becker

    I agree with Ned’s opinion that the art for this is striking. It taps into my appreciation of “chosen limitations” by sticking to a limited color palette and choosing an antique newspaper/book style. In a digital age where you can do anything from a burnt sticks on rocks (a la Austin Style) to photorealistic, it’s interesting to see what style choices artists and craftsmen make when they have, practically, unlimited choices.

    I’ve backed quite a few Kickstarters, and think it’s a great innovation for crowdsourcing. There are other options that are more geared for non-profit and philanthropic projects that I can direct you to, if you’d like, Ned.

    I am interested — especially as having come out as a supporter of a handful of Kickstarter projects — with your statement that you have a problem with some of the projects. I also have to admit that while I prefer to fill my time and attention with what some might call “finer tastes,” I do enjoy trashy comic books, videos and movies…just as I prefer to go to fine restaurants, but I fully enjoy the occasional Snickers bar or trip to McDonald’s. And I’ve probably backed some things you’d consider disappointing. (Maybe it’s not in your definition of trashy, though.) Anyway, I’m not offended at all, FYI. I stopped worrying about my taste, and learned to love a lot of things in the process that I would have otherwise avoided.

  3. Tobias Becker

    It might have been inadvertent wisdom, but wisdom nonetheless when P.T. Barnum said:

    “Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public.”

    Since then, I’ve learned not to be so disappointed with the tastes of the American public…although sometimes I can’t help myself 😉

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