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American Kid


I’ve included her on some of the Memorial Day albums in the past, but Patty Griffin has a new album out today.  I found a link to a streaming version of it, and wanted to share it with you all.  Her songs grow on me — she’s the best type of songwriter in that her songs aren’t a “one-listen and discard” type.  It takes some long, attentive listens and road trips across Kansas to really become embedded in my life experience, giving a voice to bunch of emotions I didn’t even know I had until her songs came along.

Hope you enjoy this….


  1. Ned

    I bet you’ll like this.

  2. Ned

    He’s not as cute as she is though.

  3. Tobias Becker

    He doesn’t need to be cute with playing like that….

    Thanks for sharing, Ned. Probably wouldn’t have hit my ears any other way.

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