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It’s Already Music Thursday

We’ve been blanketed in KC with snow today.  It’s wonderful.  Feel free to enjoy this week’s Music Thursday selections with a cup of hot chocolate.  Although, I’m sure it’s still damn hot down in J.E.’s Texas — where hot chocolate might not be as pleasant.

By the way, I didn’t intend for last week’s mix to be considered a holiday album for the year.  That very album is forthcoming when we all team up in McPherson, a mere 3 weeks from tomorrow (with the exception of clan Gannon).  I am culling some of the best tracks over the course of Music Thursdays and will be including a few choice bits on the album.  I am open to hearing which tracks you liked and which ones you didn’t.  Feel free to add comments to this post with your votes for inclusion.  Remember, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain 😉

On now on to the monstrously colossal Thursday mix….

01 Eastern Stars | “They Know What to Do”
02 Architecture in Helsinki | “Wishbone (Franc Tetas Remix)”
03 Albert Hammond Jr. | “In Transit”
04 Califone | “Spider’s House”
05 Cut Chemist | “Metrorail Thru Space”
06 Cut Chemist | “The Garden”
07 Pinto | “I Belong to You”
08 Pinto | “Iron and Rust”
09 Joanna Newsom | “Monkey & Bear” (someone you love or hate…I love)
10 Tom Waits | “Road to Peace”  (same notes as the previous track)
11 Scanners | “Lowlife (Radio Edit)”
12 My Morning Jacket | “Gideon (Live)”
13 My Morning Jacket | “Golden (Live)”
14 The Shins | “Phantom Limb”
15 Protokoll | “Sunken”
16 The Dears | “Whites Only Party”
17 The Jealous Girlfriends | “The Pink Wig to My Salieri”
18 The Watson Twins | “Shoot the Lights Out”
19 Mixel Pixel “You’re the Kind of Girl”
20 Explorer’s Club | “Don’t Forget the Sun” (easily the reincarnation of the Beach Boys)
21 Kool and the Gang | “Summer Madness” (last two songs are included to help combat the winter, which Jeff Shotts is probably already tired of)


  1. Ned

    Please, please, please do me a huge favor. Someday I will acquire a faster internet connection, but until I do, please burn me a cd and drop it in the snail mail. I’ll pay you for the postage. I managed to download a few songs off the last album, but it takes me twenty minutes to get one song; so if it’s not the best thing I’ve heard in years I can’t help but be disapponited. I’m staring at this collection, yearning to unlock the sounds, but it will take me until Christmas 2007 to download it with my snail dial-up connection. Do as you see fit.
    PS The Image is stupendous.

  2. J.E.

    I had to buy the Joanna Newsom immediately after I heard the track. I had been wanting to purchase the album since it came out.  First time I heard “Sprout and the Bean” I was hooked. Thanks Tob!

    The Tom Waits also blew me away.  A very uncharacteristic track for him.  Which makes it even more powerful.

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