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Illumination Animation

I just finished watching The Secret of Kells on Netflix streaming. How did I miss this?

Hope you all have the opportunity to see it soon if you haven’t already.


  1. Pete

    I started this last night. I agree. I am looking forward to watching it all the way through. I really love the animation. reminds me of the album cover for Keane’s “under the iron sea.”

  2. Ned

    Wanted to see this for a long time. Maybe I’ll have time this break.

  3. J.E.


    Samples from Kila and Bruno Coulais – The Secret Of Kells Soundtrack


  4. Ned

    Thanks J.E. I definitely have my go to bands and Kila is one of them. I’ll have to see what I think when I rent the film. I’m also excited about the new Devotchka due out in March. I posted a link to the first song on FaceBook. Hope everyone had a good holiday. I was disappointed not to see anyone of you, but I missed Peters due to a very full family schedule – Terry in the hospital, etc.

  5. Shotts

    Sorry to hear Terry S was/is in the hospital. Hope he’s doing OK now? Sorry not to think of any of the HM able to gather, too. I hope there will be some intersections in 2011.

    Good things for the New Year, all of you! My parents are still with us in Minneapolis, so it feels like the holidays have been extended a bit. They depart tomorrow, and then we’re in full-on anticipation for March 12 due date and getting things ready.

  6. J.E.

    Yikes I hope Terry is okay.

    Yes, much getting things ready down here in ATX too. We just got back from an epic baby shower. Our due date is March 16 but I think we’ll see them sooner than than. I’m just hoping that I get to feeling back to 100% by then. Frankly I’d even take 85% at this point.

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