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“F” is for Friday

Human depravity redefined.

Be careful clicking on the link. It opens up with sound and video. And it may forever scar-black your soul.



  1. Shotts

    I always knew Hasselhoff had it in him. Ooga Chakka Oooga Ooooga Ooga Chakka.

    “The horror. The horror.”


  2. J.E.


    How did you post that from utube?

    I was trying the other day and failing.

  3. tobias


    I installed a plugin into the editing module (I installed one last week to make uploading photos easier too). In the editing toolbar at the top of the text input window, there are now icons for different types of video. Click on the youTube icon and enter the video ID and it posts! Easy, huh?


  4. J.E.

    Thank you Toby. This is another example of how we can find pleasure in painful or disgusting experiences.


  5. Pete

    Um.Wow.I don’t know what I am feeling here. I feel like pulling my eyes from their sockets. But I am not sure if it is so I can leave them here, watching, while I go about my day. disturbed and yet…..

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