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Extracurricular Music Thursday

It’s not Thursday, but I’ve been meaning to post this for about a month.

I heard the following interview and performance with Patrick Watson and the Wooden Arms on NPR in early December.  It was a fantastic piece, but for some reason I thought it would totally be up Ned’s Alley.  Not that I’m all that interested in Ned’s Alley…if he enjoys this I’ll be happy. 

I’ve been listening to their album Wooden Arms and been liking it quite a bit.  If it would have come out sooner in the year, it might have made my Decade’s Top Ten or So.

This one’s for you, Ned.


Here’s an NPR page with links to other Patrick Watson videos and audio.


  1. Ned

    I listened to the link to the live show at work. Awesome. I’m geting the album. Thanks Toby.

  2. Ned

    I ‘ve been listening to the new Patrick Watson Wooden Arms album, and I am enjoying it quite a bit. I let you know how it wears, but I like it a lot right now.

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