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Decade’s Books

Book Handwritten

This should be a lively discussion…the quantity of books published in the last decade, and amount of time invested in reading them means there will be far less “shared” time with the same books as our fellow Hollow Men.


  1. Ned

    You just keep coming with this stuff.

  2. Ned

    Off the top of my head. (which is the only way to do a thing like this). I’m sure I missed something.

    1 Mountains Beyond Mountains – Kidder
    2 The Shape of a Pocket – Berger
    3 Gilead – Robinson
    4 River of Shadows OR Storming the Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics – Solnit
    5 When We Were Orphans – Ishiguro
    6 Decade of the Wolf: Returning the Wild to Yellowstone – Smith
    7 The Arrival – Tan
    8 Everything That Rises: A Book of Covergences – Weschler
    9 The Invention of Hugo Cabret – Selznick
    10 Three Cups of Tea – Mortenson
    11 Out Stealing Horses – Petterson
    12 The Serpent Came to Gloucester – Anderson
    13 An Aquarium: Poems (thanks Jeff this was really a good pick for me). – Yang

  3. Shotts

    Impossible to consider. I will keep it to books I know were first published in the 2000s. Great to see Ned’s list, and I look forward to others’.

    In no real order:

    1. Out Stealing Horses–Per Petterson
    2. Time and Materials–Robert Hass
    3. Speak Low–Carl Phillips
    4. Another Bullshit Night in Suck City–Nick Flynn

    That’s as far as I got before Beckett called.

  4. Ned

    C’mon J.E. I’m waiting to see your list. Peters and Toby too. And the rest of Jeff’s, though I already want to check out Robert Haas, Time and Materials – sounds like the artist’s dilemma to me.

  5. Shotts

    Here are a few more from me (again, no particular order):

    5. The Echomaker–Richard Powers
    6. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely–Claudia Rankine
    7. The Road–Cormac McCarthy
    8. Maximum City–Suketu Mehta
    9. Gilead–Marilynne Robinson
    10. The Corrections–Jonathan Franzen

    And I believe Seamus Heaney’s translation of Beowulf was right at 2000, so I would count that too. I’ve limited my response to literary titles, but certainly many parenting and birthing books were invaluable in the last two years or so.

    Ned, I would recommend Hass’s Time and Materials. I believe the title comes from Gerhard Richter, in fact.

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