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“Eliot Calls Our Bluff”

For an amusing diversion, check out this link, provided I did it correct this time.

Adam Rex’s Blog


  1. Pete

    Hilarious. Especially like the “Dear people” bit.

  2. Shotts

    This is fantastic. I agree with Petes about the “Dear People” salutation. Ned, let us know if you and Eliot hear from Adam Rex with the promised Blue Whale.

    I hope everyone is well, now that it’s officially fall.

  3. Ned

    Eliot received a letter in the mail the other day. (I would post it, but it seems letters are too small to read unless I do it in segments). A photo of a blue whale was also included. Ostensibly, the letter was from Norway (with a CA postmark) and a law office there, who represent Whales on Delivery. The letter explained that due to new customs laws, Blue Whales can no longer be shipped to the U.S. Howerver, the letter reassured that Eliot’s whale was just fine, currently relaxing in great fashion in a fjord on the coast of Norway. The letter (evidently personalized) went on to say that the wager of ten bucks was bold, but seeing as the customs restrictions were out of their hands, they did not feel that they were to blame. I believe the letter was sent from Mac Burnett, the CA author after being forwarded to him by Hyperion books, where we sent it. Nice to see a children’s book author actually take time for children.

  4. J.E.

    This is hilarious. Sorry I’m so late to the conversation!

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