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Zero Percent

I told Toby a few weeks ago that there was an 80% chance that I could make to Kansas City. That was overly optimistic. I still can’t be gone for that weekend and now the plane ticket is $100 more than it was a month ago anyway.

Hope you guys have a good time. And I hope we can get together some other time soon. Perhaps in Texas….

I’ll be back on the blog more regularly after October so keep the HM fires burning!


  1. tobias

    J.E. — Is it mostly the cost increase, or is it that it really looks like you’ll have to be there for the performance that weekend?

  2. J.E.

    Mostly an issue of catching the flight on Friday afternoon. Friday is the last day of a load in for a very complex show (hydraulics moving the whole stage deck). To get the latest flight out I’d have to leave work at noon which doesn’t seem possible right now.

    When I gave the 80% prediction I thought the moving stage deck would be cut from the show. Instead the producers spent over $10,000 on a new hydraulic system.

    J. E.

  3. Shotts

    J. E.–Thanks for the word. I’m damn sorry you won’t be in Kansas City a couple of weekends from now. But it’s understandable you need to be there in Austin for the load in. If somehow, things change in the next week or so, make it happen, and I’m sure we could all help defray the extra $100. I realize that’s just my little way of holding on to hope…

    You’ll be missed. We will press on. Hopefully we will see you at the holidays. Jen and I are trying to come to McPherson December 22-26, but we’ll see how flights and our schedule pan out.

    And in the meantime, I hope we’ll see you here on the HM site in various guises.


  4. tobias

    J.E. — count me in on the defraying the cost offer. Even if you could fly in on Saturday morning…man, I’d do what we could to get you here. (Ned, I’d offer you the same, but I know it’s different family logistics for you.) Priceline.com for a name-your-own-price flight?

    Regardless, as Shotts says, you’ll be missed.

  5. J.E.

    Thanks guys. That’s very generous, but money isn’t the issue. Now that can afford these sorts of things, time seems to be at a premium. I’ve never been able to make these October get togethers mostly because they’re in October.

    If there were a direct flight I would consider flying on Saturday but everything from Austin to KC has a layover. Most often in Dallas.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll make it one of these days.

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