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YouTube Friday — Giovanni Sollima (Part I and II)

Best stuff I’ve ever posted (outside of Charlie the Unicorn of course). DO NOT miss this work by 22-year-old director Lasse Gjertsen.


  1. Ned

    I have to admit, way back when the first You Tube got posted, I was not entirely thrilled. The only You Tube I’ve watched are the five last You Tube Posts. The animations were interesting; so I thought I’d give these a try. I can’t watch them at home as my dial-up is too slow.

    Quite compelling. I liked the first one, simply because I found the J. Beuys piece to be difficult to listen to in the second one. It was technically brilliant, but didn’t blend as seamlessly with the visuals as the first, which allowed me to concentrate on either sight or sound.

    There were some areas in the first, with the running water, that were very difficult for me to focus on (maybe my eyes are getting bad), but those passages pulled me back from the piece.

    The zoom in on the grass was very fun and beautiful too. The rhythmical structure of the music blended well with the geometry of cellular structure, but it was a bit predictable in where we end up (his face). For some reason I hoped that we would end up somewhere else, with someone else.

    Reminds me of the kids books of Istvan Banyai called Zoom. Have you ever seen them?

    Oh, and fiiiirrrsst.

  2. J.E.

    I think the running water segment is the most interesting. I’m not sure, but I think it is composed from a sequence of still images, each morphed and warped into the next. However I don’t think the YouTube format does any of imagery justice.

    I like the second piece almost as much as the first but, alas, I’m a bit of an aural and visual thrill seeker and I sometimes let novelty trump all other esthetic criteria.

  3. Shotts

    Thanks, J.E.–terrific posts. I like how both parts move together: I assume they only feel like two separate parts merely because UTube needed to break them up. Better to think of this as one fluid piece, I think…

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