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In light of the recent firestorm regarding “deceptive luxuries” and “discontented idealists” I think it is important to remind all of The Hollow Men that I have only the highest respect and deepest love for each of you and I’m certain these feelings are mutual.

I hope that anything we write here will not drive a wedge between us but serve to build and maintain our friendship through the days that we are unable to be together.

If I come off as rude in my posts and replies it is due only to laziness. It takes me a very long time to express an idea let alone express an idea politely.

The Hollow Men have a long tradition of needling each other and instigating conflict which, for the post part, has been entertaining over the years. I hope we can continue that tradition on this blog with the knowledge that love and respect is always implied if not explicit.

I’m an ordinary guy
Burning down the house.

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  1. Shotts

    J. E.–

    Very nice of you, but probably unnecessary. We certainly push each other–for the most part in good and interesting ways–and that’s part of what this is about.

    Looking back at the “firestorm,” it seems more a storm in a teacup. As most things are, I suppose. I certainly didn’t mean to stir anything up by critiquing the Camus quote, but perhaps I should respond to that more specifically within that conversation. I think Ned offered the quotations in the spirit of conversation, and knew by posting them, that they would in some way be discussed. I can’t imagine he’s taken any real offense.

    Still, it’s good to have disclaimers, and good to have this one, as a reminder to all of us that all we do for, with, and to each other is meant in the best possible way, in the spirit of friendship.



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