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I’m curious what all of your plans are for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Of course, I always think back to our run of Thanksgivings and miss them.

Jen, Beckett, and I will be going to Washington State to be with my parents and sisters. It should be great, and it will be nice to get together with them in our new “home” headquarters. It will be the first time taking B on a plane, so I’m sure it will pose interesting challenges. Any flight advice would be welcome, from those of you who have flown with one-year-olds…

I hope you’ll all have good holidays. Let us know what you’ll be doing to celebrate.


  1. Ned

    Kathleen is coming to visit us. I think it will just be the five of us (six with Agnes), though we put out an invitation to both a recently divorced friend of Sara’s from church, and recent widower from church whose husband committed suicide.

    As far as taking B on the plane, Eliot just slept. Claire was a little fussy, but nothing any worse than a few stares resulted. Sara says it would be really helpful to B’s ears to have him nurse on the way up and the way down, or drink if he’s on the bottle (I am assuming you’re still nursing). It helps with the ear pressure. Now that she says that I remember her waiting once to feed him until we were taking off. I think it’s good that B’s had a cold already, because I think if babies are stuffed up it can be a real mess with their ears.

    Flying was always okay for us. Getting the car seat through security is a pain. I might go so far as to ask your parents to buy one to have there, if you’re going to visit them often enough. Otherwise, you’ll have to lug it through with you. At least you’re not trying to strap it into a yellow cab at LaGuardia when you land.

  2. Shotts

    Sounds like a good Thanksgiving, Ned. Nice that Kathleen is coming up, and great to see how your family reaches out to your community. Sara is especially good at that. Have a great holiday, and give Kathleen hello!

    THANKS for the good advice about taking Beckett on the flight. I think we will be lugging the car seat. Do you recommend covering it somehow (in plastic or something?) to keep it from getting totally bashed up with luggage, etc.?

    I hope B will sleep, but we’ll see. That is good advice about nursing. I’ve been worried how the flight might affect B’s ears and general equilibrium. I think he’ll be too excited to sleep, as airplanes are pretty enticing things to him. As are other people. We’ll have snacks and books in tow. We have a super early flight, though, so maybe we’ll get through security and get situated on the plane and then just collapse.

    Glad to know flying went pretty well for you guys…

  3. J.E.

    We’ll be in Kansas on Thursday, returning Saturday. Toby, how about you?

    Christmas we’ll be on North Padre Island. Liz will still be on probation until January so we can’t really travel.

  4. Shotts

    J. E., sounds like you’re getting to Kansas frequently this month. I hope Tob might be in the mix back in McPherson for part of the time.

    Your Christmas sounds great. What do you mean about Liz being on probation? Did her hooch mill finally get busted?

    We’ll be around MInneapolis for Christmas and likely New Year’s. It’s a good time to be staying put as Minnesota goes into deep freeze.

  5. J.E.

    Liz can’t take vacation the first six months of employment. Hooch mill bust or no.

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