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Terrible Follow-Up

Here are some websites. One allows you to send an email to Bush and Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the U.N. (for just a bit longer before that South Korean guy, I forget his name takes over). Who knows what good it will do, but it can’t harm. You can edit the message if you don’t like some of the provisions. I got these from the CBS website. The article I referred to earlier is featured if you type in Darfur as a search. I visited all the sites but WorldVision is the only one I know intimately. It is a very upstanding organization.

Support Darfur, Make a Difference Today
Support the people of Darfur, Sudan today. You can help save lives in Darfur where 400,000 people have already died and over 2 million displaced. Please donate now.

Help Children and Families in Sudan
In Darfur, Sudan 2 million people need food and supplies. Donate.

Stop the Genocide in Darfur
Take action today. Write to President Bush and demand UN peacekeepers for Darfur.


  1. tobias

    I found this web site as I was following a few stories about Darfur: http://www.savedarfur.org/content

    It looked like a good web site, with great content and organization. I thought I’d add it to the mix.

  2. Ned

    Toby and others,
    I’ve visited this site in the past and it does look good. They have a petition that you can sign that I encourage all of you to sign if you have the inclination and time. I haven’t sent money to this organization because Sara and I have used Worldvision mostly because of their long standing establishment. But I think any means possible. Sending money is essential and good, but in the end, someone needs to take the initiative to stop the violence or the money will just be clean-up. Thanks for the post Toby. This Friday Eliot turns four and two weeks later (13th) Claire turns 1. Hope your Thanksgivings were fun.

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