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Sister Choreographer

You guys might have seen these before, but those who haven’t I think it’s worth putting it up.  Ok Go is the band, and legend goes, their sister is a choreographer who helped them out on the first video.  They distributed this first one on burned Cds at their concerts and it spread.

The second is unique in its use of a gym:

You can see a millions ways they perform this on stage, too…it’s over on YouTube.


  1. J.E.

    The treadmill video is so crazy viral right now. In less than five days I read about it in Rolling Stone, heard about it from a co-worker and finally last night watched them.

    Thanks for the post Tobias!

  2. Shotts

    Yeah, I had seen the one with the treadmills–pretty incredible. This would have been a HUGE music video in the 80s. Glad we still have some of that same sense of innocence and wonder at such a simple yet captivating concept.


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