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Salinger died, and I wanted to have a post here:

NY Times Article


  1. Shotts

    Yes, amazing–and the death of Howard Zinn, recently. It’s like the entire couter-culture got up and left the building…

    I will be intrigued to see what “new” Salinger work will appear: they say he has been writing, at least some, all of this time. How much was kept and what his intentions were for any writing are unclear to me.

    I have to admit I have only read The Catcher in the Rye, but should read the rest of his works sometime. I certainly think Catcher is one of those ever-fresh pieces of writing that is quintessential to the American experience. I look forward to passing Beckett a copy, maybe when he’s around 13 to 15, or so. Although it’s the kind of novel that probably isn’t quite as cool coming from your lame dad. So I’ll have to somehow “casually” lay it out in some place he’s sure to find it and then try to grit my teeth and not ever mention it–knowing that to do so is to ruin it. Or hell, maybe I should just take the direct route and give him the damn book, a pack of cigarettes, and some god-awful jug of bourbon.

  2. Ned

    I say leave it in plain sight and tell him, “You don’t want to read that thing.”

    I read Franny and Zoe too. I realize why it is not as revered as Catcher, but I actually like it better.

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